Nicholas Bodley wrote:

>Well, it's pretty obscure info.; have seen it only a very few times, but
>it's memorable.

Yes it is memorable. Especially int he sw internationalization business,
where that particular character has been the bane of many an existence:
the difference in the 1 byte (7 bit) characters in Japan, Korea, and
China replace that character with the local currency symbol. So, if you
look at directories on a Japanese computer, you will see a yen symbol
where you are used to seeing a backslash.

It also happens (IIRC OTTOMH) that the byte value is a valid value for
some bytes of a multibyte character in SJIS, and that has been known to
cause some ugliness.

So, that character gets an inordinate amount of attention in coding and
testing. Which is why I surely would have remembered anyone even
proposing they heard such a thing - I have participated in many
discussions over the years cursing the day the choice was made to make
that a directory delimiter.