Michael Everson wrote:
> At 08:58 -0400 2005-08-29, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> >Now we're back to 20 days ago. "*Multiple* smaller fonts" is an idiotic
> >solution.
> Not if (1) one has an old Mac that can't do Unicode, (2) one has the
> luxury of time to strive for very good typography, or (3) one is
> using lead type, where they had boxes of fonts in the office.
> This is just a statement of principle, not a criticism aimed anywhere
> in particular.

I of course was using a Mac before there was Unicode.

"Typography" remains ambiguous between type design and page design.

I have no idea what the relevance of (3) is. (You mean handset type;
both Linotype and Monotype use lead type.)

It could only be considered non-idiotic if you don't mind taking more
time typing a text than handwriting it.
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