Peter wrote:

> Which ones still aren't in Unicode?

Naxi was one.

I've forgotten the name of it, but the writing system that starts at
the bottom of the page, and ends at the top of the page is another.

I don't remember if it was discussed in your book, or not, but there
are a couple of writing systems [or maybe just languages that share
the same writing system] that start on the left hand side of the page,
but go up diagonally. [These aren't the languages that are described
in Gulliver's Travels, though they share that quality.]

> my fonts for scripts that haven't yet been incorporated?

If their text editor / word processor allows the user to create
language specific styles, then they treat the language font as a weird
Latin-1 font.

If their text editor/word processor does not allow language specific
styles, then they are out of luck.


Does your Office Suite conform to ISO Standards?