Jelks Cabaniss wrote:
> Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> > > 1985 was also the year that PageMaker was born.
> > And after 20 years it still doesn't have anywhere near the capabilities
> > of FrameMaker, which Adobe bought up a few years ago for the purpose of
> > putting a (superior) competitor out of business, and indeed discontinued
> > it a year or so ago.
> FrameMaker is still available for Windows and Solaris platforms. They
> discontinued it only for the Mac. (Did they ever have an OSX version?)


> PageMaker is also still available (Mac and Windows, no Solaris), but
> Adobe is heavily promoting PageMaker users to upgrade to InDesign. I
> wouldn't be surprised if PageMaker were retired completely within a
> year or two.
> Adobe reps have told me their full development efforts in this arena
> are behind InDesign.

Publishers tell me that InDesign is even less suitable for books than
PageMaker is.
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