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> > Why do you suppose there are so many works for piano left hand?
> I don't know how many were written for Leon Fleisher, who, I understand,
> has regained the use of his right hand. Maybe written for him?

How rich is he? Wittgenstein (his brother was a philosopher) came from
one of the wealthiest families in Austria; most of their fortune was
used up buying their escape after the Anschluss.

There are so many works for piano left hand (Liszt even wrote one for a
pupil of his) because on the modern piano, it takes much more effort to
produce a balancing tone on the upper reaches of the keyboard, and right
hands and wrists suffer. I've never heard of any works for piano right
hand. Another famous victim is Gary Graffman, who is now the head of
Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.
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