Nicholas Bodley wrote:

> Please, everybody, do realize that the wide four-row keyboard is truly a
> typewriter layout, originally made for English, and there are *no*
> essential technological limits (other than economies of scale) to how keys
> can be positioned, nor are there any tight limits on how many. It's
> looking as though a fifth row (or even a sixth?) could be very useful.
> When you have eight key maps "stacked", using all eight binary
> combinations of Shift, Alt-Gr, and Ctrl, that's overloading stuff some.

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry used to have a display
sponsored by IBM (it was the exhibits from their pavilion at the New
York World's Fair), and to it they added a primitive Japanese word
processor, which had a very large keyboard indeed. (I never managed to
get a picture of it.)
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