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> > the difference truly between keying and clicking is so vast
that I only
> > click for the unencoded stuff.
> Indeed. I use key commands a lot, and reserve my quite-beloved
> Marble [tm] for stuff that ought to work from the keys, or truly
needs a
> pointing device.

I notice a wide variation in use of key ommands - I use them rarely -
more now than I used to since students often frown at me for using
the mouse when a key command is faster. Since I use a laptop a lot I
find there is less of a shift to the mouse.

However, I would think that a syllabic input method could be keyed
to a qwerty keyboard. The problem is the shift key - many people
have low facility with third and fourth fingers- I know lots of two
finger typists.

One interesting option is the thumb shift keyboard


However, there could also be a touch screen input some day - don't
we have that for banking? Lots of people just use the index finger
and that's it.

I think it is a matter of where there is a will, there is a way.

I would consider that the input method becomes a part of the writing
system. I think that Pinyin is now an integral part of the Chinese
writing system, and for every lg, its roman orthography
transliteration becomes a part of the system. If it is only an
optional part, okay, so be it, but if it is an obligatory part then
that shifts the type of system. (How is that for a justification for
not being sent to vellum? :))