At 17:31 -0400 2005-08-13, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> > Your Ogham font I would not consider very useful,

Well, the stemline is thicker than the strokes, which I find very
offputting, not to say ugly and incorrect. Some Ogham fonts have no
stemline at all; in any case the strokes are significant, the
stemline not. Nevertheless I prefer my Ogham letters to have their
stemlines drawn on either side of each letter, not the way that
you've done them. Your vowel signs in the Ailm series are better than
many in that they are short; but I prefer notches to small strokes
for these shapes. That's a question of taste.

In the body of the article, I would say that the suggestion that
Ogham texts are boustrophedon is simply incorrect. Ogham inscriptions
may begin on one side of a stone, go up over the top and down the
other side, but that is still as single line of text. It is not

> > Your fonts are available where?
>Ecological Linguistics.

Ah. Good old Lloyd. A friend of mine these many years. :-)
Michael Everson *