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> Most interesting; thanks. I'm re-quoting just a couple of short bits...
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> > Syllabics and Technology
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> > reproducing syllabics until the 1950's where stencil photo-etching
> (Please follow up on [vellum], re s. p. e.: Was this Gestetner? Any other
> "known name" associated with it?)

That reminds me -- the other day I saw a (privately printed) biography
of the inventor of Compugraphics (I think it was -- an early
phototypesetting machine), whose name I don't recall, written by his
son, at Strand Annex for $5. I wasn't interested, because it doesn't
include any specimens; should I pick it up for you next week?

The only interesting-looking chapter is about a Chinese-setting machine
he developed so the CIA could drop propaganda leaflets over Red China in
the 50s (he did lots of government work).
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