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> > keyboarding back-up (ideally part of the same element) to avoid RSI.
> Sorry, what is RSI?

'Repetitive Strain Injury'. As I recall, it was generally blamed on
excessive use of the mouse. I've always assumed it is one reason that
mouse-driven operations have keyboard-driven alternatives where
possible (though tabbing round a web page is quite frustrating).
There were claims that it was not a real medical condition. I
remember that in the final years of massive copy-typing, a couple of
the secretaries at work had several months off because of it. While
one might have been swinging the lead, the other was genuine. She had
been working lots of hours copy-typing - she needed the overtime and
used Word well.

I may have had a touch of it, but the primary ailment was a raised
ganglion. The cure was:

a) Switching mouse hand;
b) Using that alt-key shortcuts in Word;
c) The British week-plus Christmas holiday in which I did not use a mouse.