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> I would prefer to see that there has been provision for the use of
> traditional script knowledge through electronic form, to enhance the
> prestige of traditional script users, the oder generation, as well
> as enable them to create electronic text, whether for email,
> recording memoirs, etc.
> Would it not be possible to create an interactive syllable chart in
> java script of the 60 symbol set, with the auxiliary set in a
> further menu. Then a mouse click could input a syllable. For this
> kind of individual and noninstitutional use, speed is less important
> than other considerations.

Yes (except that using a browser is not ideal) but you would need a
keyboarding back-up (ideally part of the same element) to avoid RSI.
I have my own webpage for typing Thai using Kedmanee / phonetic
(mostly one non-control key-press per character) keyboard encoding or
mouse clicks - the difference truly between keying and clicking is so
vast that I only click for the unencoded stuff. Point and click is a
crutch, albeit a necessary one for many - perhaps for all of us in one
context or another.