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> Sorry I can't remember anything useful.

Quite OK; thanks!

> I think a Japanese IME converts hiragana to mixed kana and kanji if you
> want. The idea is that you do not need to know the kanji because the
> computer will do the conversion for you.

I tried the MS Japanese IME a few years ago, and found that (iirc) it
permitted input in romaji (fairly sure), and (I think) both kanas. I think
that at that stage, you could commit your input, so you could include any
of the four charsets, but it also presented a list of kanji. Woe unto the
person who doesn't know one kanji from another, and goofs! I suspect it
would look at least as bad as homophone mistakes in English.

Afaik, better such IMEs offer the more-likely kanji first.

Having an official subset of kanji must help; I'm much less aware of any
Chinese counterpart.

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