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> Most of the Chinese contributors to sci.lang don't like and don't use
> pinyin input -- it's too slow and inefficient.

I know exactly who you mean and one of them has a huge website on how
to use CangJie input, which can easily be understood and adopted if
you have a spare month or two to learn it. You also need to have a
fanciful and philosohical turn of mind to make all the hierarchical
connections required. And then one of them said that his wife uses
wubi - once again considerable script knowledge is necessary.

The newer mehtods by contrast descend from a more universal look at
the 10 most basic strokes and then proceed from there to construct a
series of choices in a javascript visual keyboard. This is for Nokia
phone and is amazing really. Q9 means on nine keys - actually I have
no idea what the Q is. I found that I did need to have it demonstrated
to me by a Chinese student since the instructions on the initial keys
are in Chinese. He said that it sure beat the handwriting ipnut that
his parents made him use.