Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 08:00:53 -0400, Peter T. Daniels
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> > ((And, computer engineers, don't start that bullshit about fonts
> > accommodating thousands of characters -- in 1993 they couldn't.
> > Period.))
> I'm ignorant about the history of CJK and computers. Surely, the Japanese
> were handling their own language then, in at least a few computers, I
> should think, but I surely could be wrong. I know even less about Chinese.
> When did double-byte character sets (DBCS) come into use? Fairly sure that
> they predate Unicode 1.0.

Home users -- those with Fontographer 3 and 4 -- did not have the
capability of creating two-byte fonts.

At first, Japanese was available by buying a Japanese ATM, but not C or
K. JLKs, CLKs, and KLKs came later; Ross King had a Korean OS on his
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