Richard Wordingham wrote:
> --- In, "Peter T. Daniels" <grammatim@...> wrote:
> > Why would anyone _want_ to write Vai with a computer? If there's any
> > accuracy at all in Scribner & Cole, the Vai script is used in a very
> > limited set of contexts where computerization wouldn't be appropriate
> > anyway.
> So the missionaries have been wasting their efforts? See
> .

I cannot fathom the mindset that posts a link without saying what it
links to. (Not that this is an unusual occurrence!)

If you said, "For missionaries' accounts of why they need to computerize
Vai ...," or "For a computerized Vai Bible ...," or anything else, I
_might_ consider clicking it (while bearing in mind that the majority of
the links I _am_ persuaded to click on prove to be worthless and or
Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...