Nicholas Bodley wrote:

>As to retyping, OCR saves a huge amount of keying, but for ordinary
>citations, I think OCR is asking a bit much, as well. It's possible that
>the only good OCR programs are quite costly; I haven't tried those from
>open sources yet.
>(Follow-ups to [vellum]?

A scan or fax converted to PDF would work pretty well for the purpose of
making something available to read. Could work, but less universally, if
it wasn't even PDF. Once that is done, email or a web link would work

No one has to type anything over again.

But, there may be intellectual property and contractual obligations
preventing an author from forwarding such copies

No need to go into it here, but the issue of online publishing of
academic articles is a white hot one....I am sure google will provide
more info.



PS - Just a hunch, but I think that the type of content one is likely to
see in Peter Daniels' ( :) ) works is not going to be very amenable to
any type of existing OCR.