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> I've been browsing (reading RomaBama, and some links from it), and
> across Acharya (title), The Web Site for Multilingual Systems,
with a
> strong emphasis on languages and scripts of India. One particular
link at
> that site stood out, considering (what I take to be) recent
messages on
> Qalam. This link is probably familiar to those interested in
Tamil, but I
> wanted to be sure it's known:
> <http://acharya.iitm.ac.in/tamil/tamilcomp.html>
> The URL for the site's home page is:
> <http://acharya.iitm.ac.in/index.html>

That is the website that I read just before joining qalam last year.
I even posted the link. ;) In that system, for Tamil, the consonant
is entered and then the independent vowel glyph is used to enter the
dependent or independent vowel depending on context. The nominal
glyph for the dependent vowel does not occur. I don't like this
nominal glyph much as it is an abstraction but I guess it is here to
stay. They also offer transliteration input.

However, their major emphasis seems to be on creating syllable-level
*coding* or internal representation. Hence my questions last year
about this topic. I guess they have their own code system.

Richard's syllabic editor does a very nice job of entering Tamil
syllables. Now I have to read up on fonts to understand what
Devanagari is doing.

BTW Here is the Sindhi Devanagari font which 'bthad' has modified
for Sindhi.