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> I like the functionality - the way you can see the syllables and they
> are even a reasonable size and click in. For children this provides
> direct access to the visible syllable. It is the first that I have
> seen that provides this syllable entry. Have you seen any? Many
> others have a syllable *display* but they are either too small or
> have errors or are a awkwardly placed. So this one seems to be a good
> model.

No, but then I haven't looked, as I'm quite familiar with alphabetic
principles :) My first thought was actually that it was another
utility for typing foreign scripts on one's work PC.

> It should ideally come with a display of the transliteration
> system or a complete keyboard map.

Doesn't that depend whom it's targeted on? Labelled keyboard maps can
get very messy.

> I figure that if I can use it without any knowledge of Hindi
> whatsoever and get a few hits of cows in google images then a 6 year
> old can use it.
> What exactly did you mean by "if you print it out"? how would I do
> that?

I'll give the procedure for Internet Explorer.

1. Save the web page and its scripts to your file system. (You'll
need to do that if you're going to modify it.)

Ideally you would save the page by using the 'file -> save as'
commands. However, that can make a mess of textareas, and it does not
save the javascript in this case, so it's a bit more complicated.

2. The main page can be saved by opening the web page, and then 'view
source'. This opens a notepad window; save its contents.

3. The web page lists all the scripts - look for '.js' or 'script'.
The scripts can then be saved by typing in their URLs (the URL you
gave plus name, e.g. http://www.chhahari.com/unicode/keyboard.js), and
then choosing to save them rather than to run or execute them.

The reason I said 'print it out' was that I think you will need to
cross refer between the various functions. You'll also need to save
the cascading style sheet (extension .css) - I think that does the
clever job of laying out the keyboard.

4. To print the files you have saved - umpteen ways, but open in
notepad and print will probably do the job. You may have to break a
few lines, but you don't need to do much of that. Breaking after
binary operators seems fairly safe in javascript.