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> >> I trust you're aware of Schoenhof's book store?
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> > Thanks. I hadn't looked there yet, but it's not showing much. A problem
> > many places I've looked is that they don't give enough detail to tell
> > whether the item uses Devanagari script.
> >
> > And I've yet to find a monolingual Sindhi or Sindhi-English dictionary.
> I surely would not want to promise anything I wouldn't be sure I'd follow
> through on, but personally visiting Schoenhof's is neither especially
> time-consuming nor difficult. One bus and one subway ride, plus a modest
> walk gets me there.
> I suspect that an e-mail inquiry might receive decent attention. The few
> himes I have been there, it has been nice and quiet, almost like a library.
> Not surprisingly, they have more books in major European languages.

The first time I was there, probably ca. 1975, it was a wonderful old
bookstore with tall wooden bookcases and fascinating old stuff. I
couldn't afford all the things they had that I needed -- and I've never
again found a copy of Theodor Nöldeke's *Beiträge und neue Beiträge*.
The other time I was there, probably 1990, it looked like a Barnes &
Noble and didn't have any of the obscure scholarly stuff it had made its
reputation on.
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