Hello Peter

> > Well, how does one raise an issue with the choices
> > adopted by the committee?
> That's a somewhat vague question.

Sorry for having been vague.

> Exactly what choices allegedly made by "the
> committee" are you wanting
> to comment on?

I'll get to the exact point(s).

I am referring to the document titled
'IssuesToResolveISO639_v2a.pdf', which I downloaded
from sil.org, and apparently written by you.

Paragraph 4.10 is devoted to the Occitan language. For
reasons unknown to myself, and contrary to what 100%
of academic books written about Romance languages, SIL
broke Occitan into several (6) 'languages'. You have
apparently decided to re-unite 4 of those 'languages'
under the heading 'Occitan', but you are still leaving
two of them outside of the heading 'Occitan'.

The reason you give for your decision is as follows:
'Input I received from a representative of the
software industry in France suggested a likelihood of
implementations that would treat Auvergnat, Gas[c]on,
Languedocian and Limousin as a single
entity using the name “Occitan” that would be
distinguished from Provencal and Sh[ua]dit'

My issues are as follows:
-why did you look for input from 'a representative of
the software industry in France' and not from a
linguist? Why would someone from the French software
industry be knowledgeable about linguistics? Would you
ask a linguist to fix your computer?
-why did you look for input from a Frenchman about a
language that has achieved official status in Spain
(Catalonia) and in Italy (Piedmont, Calabria), and not
in France?
-why does a language fully recognised as _one_
language and not as a 'family of languages' by
academic studies about Romance languages, the Spanish
State, the Italian State,the Regional governments of
several French regions, the French Education
Nationale, the French Delegation Generale a la Langue
Francaise et aux Langues de France suddenly disappear
because of the whim of one single organisation (SIL)?

I hope I was precise enough this time.

Thank you for your time,

Gianni Vacca

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