Peter (et alia):

Just a quick note.. and not to instigate any more flaming...

Most introductory linguistics classes do *not* cover much regarding signed languages.
Even here at UC Berkeley, where there is a _stronger_ signed languages component in the
department, signed languages are still not covered beyond 'they exist... the "differ" in such and
such manners...". I would assume that most educational institutes won't cover too much on signed
langauges, unless there is faculty that have particular interest or involvement with signed

I've actually lost track of why this flaming started up, so... *shrug*

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On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 16:51:20 -0500
"Peter T. Daniels" <grammatim@...> wrote:
> Just answer the question. If you _have_ taken a linguistics class, your
> ignorance about signed languages is shameful. If not, why are you
> ashamed to say so?