Doug Ewell wrote:
> Peter T. Daniels <grammatim at worldnet dot att dot net> wrote:
> > It's interesting that any dispute over things someone isn't interested
> > in becomes a "pissing match."
> That would certainly be a creative use of the term, but it isn't mine.
> You said X. No, I didn't. Yes, you did. You don't quote your sources.
> No, YOU don't quote your sources. You're a lousy researcher. You've
> never worked with people in this field. You've never read anything in
> this field. You're a child abuser. You're a sadist.
> THAT is what makes this a pissing match.

How do you mutate "That is child abuse" into "You are a child abuser"?

Do you think "Genie"'s parents shouldn't have been prosecuted for child
abuse? How is depriving a deaf child of language less abusive than
depriving a hearing child of language?
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