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> Peter T. Daniels wrote:
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> > Curiously, that's not how the Deaf community sees it.
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> > Have you not noticed the distinction between Deaf and deaf?
> Uh, over the years I have had occasion to work with people who were deaf
> from birth, hearing impaired due to organic issues, and hearing impaired
> due to wartime injuries. Although I wouldn't claim to be connected to
> the "Deaf community" as a result (or the "deaf community"), I can't say
> I know what the difference is either.
> My guess is this is a PC distinction, and one that hasn't been very
> visible (so to speak)(no pun intended) to the general population. I am
> guessing that the upper case D is somewhat equivalent as a signal to the
> "womyn/women" distinction, and that the more likely "def" was already
> appropriated by the hip-hop community.

Neither deaf nor Deaf people are very visible to the general population
in the first place.

> That is just a guess and after I wrote it I did a quick google of "deaf
> community" and the first few pages of results didn't present anything
> obvious that discusses the distinction. Must be pretty obscure. Please
> enlighten me.

You figured it out. However, it's the usage of, e.g., Gallaudet
University, and not a mere PC fad, so you might focus your searching
rather than do a general google. Google isn't case-sesitive anyway, is
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