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> > Peter T. Daniels wrote:
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> > > Curiously, that's not how the Deaf community sees it.
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> > > Have you not noticed the distinction between Deaf and deaf?
> >
> > Uh, over the years I have had occasion to work with people who
> were deaf
> > from birth, hearing impaired due to organic issues, and hearing
> impaired
> > due to wartime injuries. Although I wouldn't claim to be connected
> to
> > the "Deaf community" as a result (or the "deaf community"), I
> can't say
> > I know what the difference is either.
> It is a fairly well-established tradition, and there is a webpage
> which discusses the difference. Sorry I can't remember which one.
> Good luck.
> It is interesting though that the case distinction can't be read by
> google.
> My point is that Mr. Daniels has quoted no research, again...

But neither have you. :)

If it is such a clear distinction, it seems like google would have some
references to it in its highly ranked pages on "deaf community". Or that
you would clue me in since you say you know about it.

Personally I think it is likely to be a internal political distinction
or label of little or no consequence to anyone not specifically in the
"D|deaf community" (or are they 2 separate communities).

If even a single other keyword came to mind, maybe I could search on it.
But really - a group's entire identity hinges on a upper case versus
lower case "d"? No wonder no one outside the immediate circle knows
about it!



> Suzanne