> From: Gianni Vacca [mailto:xiongyaliren@...]

> I know this not really related to writing systems,
> but-- Does anybody know how it is possible to receive
> information about progress in this new standard?
> I imagine there must be a working group for ISO 639-3;
> do they have a web page? do they make press releases?

This is a project of ISO TC 37/SC2
etailPage.TechnicalCommitteeDetail?COMMID=1469). The working group for
ISO 639 is ISO TC37/SC2/WG1.

ISO Central Secretariat doesn't provide a whole lot of info about
projects, but what they do provide on this one is at

ISO/DIS 639-3 was circulated for balloting Jan. 31. There is a 5-month
balloting period. Assuming all goes well, this should go to FDIS ballot
probably around September, and be approved before the end of the year.

Let me know if you need further details.

Peter Constable