> > iii) Other systems of written communication used by the blind?
> Yes, including perhaps indigenous systems that do not have the
> prestige and perhaps other qualities of the dominant braille system
> (s).

The nice thing abut braille is that supporting a new convention for a
certain language does not require any change to the "hardware" used to
emboss and read braille. So, supporting minority language is relatively
echonomic: it is just a matter of traing blind readers and sighted operators
about the new conventions.

E.g., you don't need to produce new fonts or keyboards. A braille keyboard
has only six keys, corresponding to the six dots, plus a button to emboss
that combination and advance one position. The typer uses his first three
fingers in both hands to form a combination, then hits the "emboss" key with
her thumb. So the same keyboard fits the whole world.