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> > > This child is going to do much better than that.
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> > The question is whether or not the child will be able to
> communicate
> > with other deaf people.
> Would you deny the hard of hearing an average reading level and
> a chance at a teriary education?
> I personally believe they should become bilingual and acquire
> ASL at some point. (But that is not my business) However, if a
> hearing aid or cochlear implant gives a deaf child the chance to
> process the language spoken in their environment then every
> effort should be made to support this.
> This is really their only chance at becoming functionally literate
> as an adult.
> I hope it is understood that I do not make these decisions about
> hard of hearing students, but only put into proctise what is
> decided at another level. However, what we are doing is
> considered a success.

Many members of the Deaf community would consider you a Fascist (in the
literal, historic sense) for your attitude that you get to decide to
impose cochlear implants on deaf children.
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