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> > In contrast, one of my special students this year who is
> > hearing impaired, but has hearing aids which are supposed
> > approximate normal hearing, can only read at a grade two
level, at
> > 11 years of age. She has a high IQ but is just learnig now the
> > phonological, syntactic and semantic skills which are
> > to reading.

> > Her chances of catching up in a hearing world are
considered quite
> > good now so she hasn't learned sign. She may learn it as a
> > skill later.
> That's child abuse. Is there no Deaf community in Vancouver?

Maybe you are unaware that the *average* deaf or hard of
hearing child finishes high school, at age 17 or 18, with a grade
3 or 4 reading level. This child is going to do much better than

Being able to process a writing system and use it to create
meaning is entirely dependent on the ability to process the
language which the writing system represents.

Suzanne McCarthy