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> suzmccarth wrote:

serpentine or meander; it was used by the Greeks in ordinary writing
> > at about 0 AD. The disadvantage was the perceptual problem of
> > reading alternate lines in reverse.
> There was no 0 AD (or BC), and a handful of the earliest Greek
> inscriptions are boustrophedon. There is no "ordinary writing" in
> that is boustrophedon.

That whole post was a quick copy and paste (from a quickly scanned
passage) on my part that didn't deserve it. Mea culpa. I knew just
after I clicked send that you would respond - as you should.

However, there is a long and convoluted history of boustrophedon
writing in both Frere and Moon. Too detailed I think to go into here
but it has to do with whether each symbol is mirror imaged or
whether the shapes retain their orientation and the sequence of the
symbols is reversed.