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> Richard Wordingham wrote:
> >
> > What about discussing the merits of different type of ballpoint
> > pens? :)
> >
> > More seriously, what about comparing paper and palm leaves as writing
> > mediums?
> Probably a writing "system" includes the media involved in using it, as

Is an inscription carved into a wall somehow in a different "writing
system" from a transcription of the inscription on paper?

> well as the rules for using it. I think this includes computers, to the
> extent that Doug mentioned but o further.
> If others have comments that particular pen types or paper types are
> preferred or even invented to be optimal for certain types of writing
> rules (maybe a pen nib that can make certain diacritics with a flick of
> the wrist and without lifting from the paper?), I would think that would
> be pretty interesting, especially in reasonably wide use.

I'm having trouble imagining what you mean.
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