Doug Ewell wrote:
> Peter T. Daniels <grammatim at worldnet dot att dot net> wrote:
> >> Probably most of the list is aware of these, certainly those whose
> >> interest is computer-related (as opposed to, say, Peter Daniels).
> >
> > I really don't see why a list intended for the discussion of writing
> > systems should have mutated into a list devoted to discussion of
> > computer problems.
> I don't think mentioning locales counts as discussing a computer
> problem. They have to do with software localization, which can
> certainly involve writing systems. Having a computer-related interest
> in writing systems does not mean one is not interested in writing
> systems.

I am not referring to whatever the particular topic of the message in
which the above comment occurred.

There must be thousands of venues for discussing the kinds of things
that have been filling up this list for many months now.

> When it gets down to arguing over which browser is better, or why
> certain characters don't show up with this font and that version of
> Uniscribe, or whether it is better to send numeric HTML entities or
> straight UTF-8 in e-mail, then I agree we have crossed the line into
> discussing computer problems.
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