suzmccarth wrote:

> That wasn't exactly how I remembered it so I am quoting here from
> SIL's Eastern James Bay Cree Dictionary.
> "Eastern James Bay Cree (or East Cree) is part of the Cree-
> Montagnais-Naskapi dialect continuum which stretches from Labrador
> on the Atlantic ocean to the Rocky mountains in Alberta, Canada. It
> is spoken by approximately 13 000 people."

The Romance languages are a dialect continuum from Lisbon to Calabria.

> "East Cree can be divided into two main dialects, Southern and
> Northern. The Northern Dialect includes the communities of
> Whapmagoostui (GW), Chisasibi (FG), and Wemindji (Wem). The Southern
> Dialect is divided into the Coastal (Eastmain, Waskaganish, Nemaska)
> and Inland (Mistissini, Oujé-Bougoumou and Waswanipi) sub-dialects."
> Forgive me for not understanding at which level different lg codes
> and identifiers will be invoked.
> What is the difference between the 2 letter code and the 3 letter
> identifier?

50%. If there's a distinction, it's stated in the front matter
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