On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 17:33:10 -0800, Doug Ewell <dewell@...> wrote:

> Being from the Age of Unicode, I can write "H₂O" and bypass this dilemma
> altogether.

Oh, *dear*!

But, of course.

However, even on this list, any characters not in the Latin-1 repertoire
are, most unfortunately at risk of becoming corrupted. In part, I had
half-forgotten Unicode subscripts, true, but the rest of my mental
blankness was mostly caused by the consequences of too many old
applications that corrupt Unicode, much as I hate to say so. Of course,
as older apps. become disused, matters will improve.

A contributing factor, as well, is that a combination of great ignorance
about chemistry, and a weak "literary sense", most likely means that
people are content to see "H2O" instead of "H₂O". Drives me batty...

([₂] is U+2082, btw.)

Thanks much!

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