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> I thought there was a suggestion out that we propose an amendment
> the default database for the Unicode sorting algorithm. One
> intended for Cree locales is a different matter.

I think that we are talking about problems on more than one level.
Chris Harvey and I have been emailing to share our knowledge on what
now exists and to discuss what could be proposed.

> Surely one problem here is that the same symbol can have different
> meanings in the different Cree languages/dialects.

I would need an example.
> > > > >Another issue is that there
> > > > > appear to be fricativisation and affricatisation
> > >
> > > > Don't know what this is - possibly not Cree.
> > >
> > > Compare FI U+1555 with PI U+1431 , and THI U+1560, N-CREE THI
> > U+1561
> > > with TI U+144E. There is an extra loop, with different
> > conventions
> > > for its placement.
> Are you not acquainted with FI and THI? If you are, you may be
> to comment on how regularly the loop is used in Cree.

Okay. These are strictly for loan words and have nothing to do with
Cree phonology. I can't say that I have ever seen them in print
except in the charts - maybe I am not reading the correct Bible
translation! These symbols are not in the Eastern Cree Dictionary.

> Richard.