I�m going to try this again using HTML just to see what happens. (And my mail goes out as UTF-8.)

> I've

> entered the following text element into my Rich Text message (not sure how

> this will show up in your mail client) using the field code {eq \o(a,/)}:

> If you want to enter a Latin character with a dot below, such as (say) d

> with underdot, the best thing to do is to enter the appropriate Unicode

> character sequence in Word 2003 and display it with an appropriate

> OpenType font, such as Doulos SIL: d�

> - super-/subscript formatting, which reduces the point size and

> raises/lowers the baseline: 2nx


> - raising or lowering the baseline in the Character Spacing tab of the

> Format|Font dialog, which simply raises or lowers the baseline by the

> amount you specify: 2nx

Peter Constable

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