* Peter Constable [2005-01-14 17:12]:
> > For instance, I've entered the following text element
> Evidently it didn't survive.
> > - super-/subscript formatting, which reduces the point size and
> > - raising or lowering the baseline in the Character Spacing tab of the
> Wow! Neither did they survive. I thought I sent this as Rich Text, but
> it came back to me as plain text.

It seems your mailer sent both a plain text part (which lost all
formatting) and (presumably) an HTML part which contained the formatting
but was removed by Yahoo Groups - at the bottom of your message there
was the following notice:

> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Also, note that the "underdot" Unicode character was converted to a
question mark, because the plain text part was sent with a US-ASCII

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