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Is there a standard for
> the ordering of the syllables? CAN/CSA 2243.4.1 perhaps? Does
> dictionary comply with this? This may be where the problem lies.
> If it's using the Unicode codepoint ordering, the results will be
> very unfriendly. The Scandinavians might not be too pleased at
> having the untailored Unicode collating algorithm applied either.

This collation sequence definitely predated Unicode. It came from a
dictionary written first in a Roman orthography developed by non-
native linguists. However, D. Ellis, 1983, orders his word list in
Roman orthography by the English alphabet, more or less.

I don't think there was a 'standard' collation sequence although the
Cree have had their own literacy for 160 years. There were ways
that it could be collated but no one single "standard" that I had
heard of predating 1991 and the Unicode charts.