Suzanne McCarthy <suzmccarth at yahoo dot com> wrote:

> I had not really experienced this as a problem until recently when I
> started searching Cree dictionaries for Marco in the fall and found
> that collation sequence is drastically different in different
> publications. I then saw that Unicode has hundreds of precomposed
> syllabics, each character is represented with each possible
> diacritic and diacritic combination. Since these diacritics are not
> normally used in a consistent manner by a large part of the Cree
> population, what is happening to the Unicode Cree codecharts now?

Nothing will ever "happen" to them, in the sense of removing or
deprecating the dotted and double-dotted characters. They are perfectly
good "Unified" syllabics, used not only in Cree but also in Blackfoot
and Carrier and Inuktitut and perhaps other languages.

-Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California