Doug recently said:

> Mark E. Shoulson <mark at kli dot org> wrote:
> > I always pronounce GIF as /gIf/, that is, with a hard G, though pretty
> > much everyone else in the world says it /dZIf/, with a soft G, and
> > indeed that may even be somehow the "official" pronunciation.
> I've read that it "should" be pronounced /dZIf/ with a soft G. I nod my
> head and say, "hmm, that's nice," and go on pronouncing it /gIf/ with a
> hard G.
> PNG is ping.

What about SQL and CICS? Americans seem to say sequel and c i c s. British
seem to say s q l and kicks. (SQL has had a checkered history, and if I
understand correctly it no longer stands for anything according to the ISO!)


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