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> What is wrong with using characters or fragments as decorative elements?

While I might have been rather strong with my language, I'm predisposed to
have a great and high regard for literacy, because (especially in the USA)
it is often taken somewhat casually. I'm painfully aware of trends toward
mass illiteracy, after what seems like a long struggle to establish a high
level for almost everybody. I'm probably a snob, but at least I thought
I'd give a bit of a try...

> Virtually all English in marketing material and fashion in Asia is of
> this nature.

It can often be exceptionally peculiar, often quite funny, and sometimes
X-rated. For a delightful collection containing some PG or stronger
material in a few spots (not too rare), see <www.engrish.com>. The
[Previous] link takes you to chronologically later material, btw.

> Virtually all use of Han characters in the wider public in the US is
> also of this nature.

It would be interesting to be able to read them!

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