Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> For the record, Mozilla to me is /mozIla/, with no d and an /o/ for the
> initial vowel.

As for me - I have never heard it pronounced by a native English
speaker anyother way. But then my sampple is pretty much limited to
Silicon Valley, in the neighborhood around Netscape in Mountain View.

And I have heard plenty of native Japanese speakers, including more then
a few who have Godzilla merchadise in their cubes, pronounce it
routinely precisely the same way!

> >
> I do pretty much the same. /dZIf/, as Michael Everson says, is a brand
> of peanut butter (to me)


> And I recently was describing to my students (Students of Hebrew, every
> one) the pronunciation of the typesetting program TeX...

How would they pronouce the name of our list's Tex Texin ? :)