Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 08:52:45 -0800, Doug Ewell <dewell@...> wrote:
> > -- desperately trying to get back onto the subject of writing
systems --
> Should we have a Qalam off-topic list? Perhaps it should be devoted
> such topics as these (encodings, typography, etc. that are related
> text, its composition, and presentation; possibly linguistics and
> languages), but not be open to any topic whatsoever.
> [...]
> My apologies for going off-topic (yet again...).

Please notice that this kind of things actually are IN-topic
(although non necessarily of interest to all members - but this
applies to anything else).

This is how the topic is described on Qalam's home page:

"Qalam, a mailing list about the world's writing systems.
Alphabets, ideographs and hieroglyphs; calligraphy, TYPOGRAPHY and
FONTS; I18N, CHARACTER SETS and input methods; Morse, Braille and
sign language; literacy, history of writing and invented scripts.
These are just a few examples of on-topic subjects."

Seshat (Qalam owner)