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> > The problem is that keyboading with Uniscribe is quite difficult.
> > One problem is that if there is a time delay between typing the C
> > and the V then they do not reshape and connect.
> I am unable to reproduce that problem (even with a delay of 30
> It works perfectly OK for me. (Tested using Word 2003 on Win XP

Hi Peter, You're right about that. I realized yesterday from several
other comments in this thread that I should be getting a better
result with Uniscribe. I had been working in Notepad and had
installed and tested out about 7 different IME's from different
companies and then returned to the Tamil IME from MS. I just wasn't
getting a good result in keyboarding, (not rendering properly on the
first try) but I don't know why.

Then I went to Wordpad yesterday and sure enough those problems
disappeared. Keyboarding is smooth and logical. I can't tell you what
happened, maybe a different Uniscribe version. In the meantime I
can't replicate the problems I was having earlier either.

Just talking to someone else and knowing that I should be getting a
better result from Uniscribe helps me to persist and resolve the

I obviously don't have an optimal environment since I have Win XP ??
with Office 2000 (no Uniscribe) and at least 2 different USP10.dll
files but maybe more.

With respect to input I can now keyboad Tamil easily myself in an MS
application since I have learned the ITRANS transliteration by heart
so there is no problem for a trained adult. Display has never been a
problem either. Now I am just considering how a Tamil child can have
access to Tamil keyboarding equal to that of an English or Chinese
child to their own language. It has become an interesting puzzle.