> From: suzmccarth [mailto:suzmccarth@...]
> Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 12:14 AM

> The problem is that keyboading with Uniscribe is quite difficult.
> One problem is that if there is a time delay between typing the C
> and the V then they do not reshape and connect.

I am unable to reproduce that problem (even with a delay of 30 seconds).
It works perfectly OK for me. (Tested using Word 2003 on Win XP SP2.)

> I only use Notepad for Unicode fonts since I don't have an office
> edition with a dll file.

I presume you mean Uniscribe. If you are using Office 2000 or later,
then you have a copy of the Uniscribe DLL.

> Read this post for insight into how others are dealing with
> Uniscribe.

But don't assume they are presenting best practice. Don't mess with
trying to copy an Office copy of Uniscribe over the system copy. Just
install SP2 for WinXP. (The Vrinda font is included for Bengali, so I
don't know what they're going on about.)

Peter Constable