If you want to take a look at something I've wasted far too much time
on, download http://web.meson.org/downloads/Marin.zip It's a font I was
playing with. Mainly an attempt to see if I could make a Latin font
that wasn't actually painful to look at. And it kept growing, like some
strange fungus, so now it's encroaching on being a Unicode-worthy font.
I have all of the IPA block, most of Cyrillic, just barely the Greek,
Hebrew, and Cherokee and various letterlikes and whatevers. It's still
a monstrosity in progress, so I'll be adding more to it. It comes with
an Italic, a small-caps font, and an italic small-caps font, but they're
far less complete. Let me know what you think.


P.S. The name "Marin" is after Marinol, the generic drug name for THC,
the active ingredient in marijuana, which is prescribed as an
anti-emetic. The name is in the hopes that the font doesn't actually
make you want to throw up.