Nicholas Bodley wrote:

> On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 11:15:22 -0800, i18n@... <i18n@...> wrote:
> > Fish and birds aren't animals? I think I am going to need a
> > not-so-instant replay onall those games of 20 questions as a kid!
> True; thanks!
> I did think of that. ("Animal, Veg., or Mineral?"). However, in popular
> text, it seems to me that one didn't, in the past, see references to
> birds
> and fish as animals.

I know you are older then me, but not so much older that you go back to
the time before animals included birds and fish :) Pretty sure anything
post-Darwin would fall into that category. Slightly less sure that
anything post-Linnaeus (sp?) would too. Were folks your age taught
otherwise during your primary education? That would be interesting to know!

Unless by "popular text" you mean the Bible, in which case I am no
expert and all bets are off :)

Seriously, can you offer an example of a popular text (or even
non-popular one) where birds or fish were referred to as either separate
from animals or something other then animals? I think that would be
fantastic trivia to have!