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also "Ouagadougou", equiv. to "Wagadugu".

I heard this pronounced as Oogadoogoo on the radio the other day.
The announcer was immediately replaced with another announcer who
then corrected the pronunciation. Ouch.

> Ah, one more:
> In India, what is a double [ch], as in "(Rann of) Kachch"? Does
> indicate primarily that the letter [ch] is doubled in the original
> Would "Kach" correctly represent the name as spoken?

Curiously, Bartlebys actually has a pronunciation guide for the "Runn
of Kutch."


I think that there might be two different consonants at the end since
it also transliterates as the Rann of Kachchh. And this is a good
place to view Hindi consonants in transliteration. I don't know
whether Gujerati is different phonemically or not.



> Thanks!
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