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> Considering that this was invented by clsn, also the inventor of
> "lingweenie", I think the chances it's a typo are near-nil.

Neither "clsn" nor "lingweenie" are known to me; sorry not to be reading

Well, "typo" is an euphemism for a misspelling; in this case, an easy one
to make.

In my experience, rendering one's draft text in a different typeface
(font), size, and column width (hence, line breaks at different points)
makes one's own typos and misspellings much easier to notice. I used to
post to Slashdot (no longer...), which uses (or did use) a mandatory
preview that does some major reformatting to render it as it will appear
in the message collection. In the process, one's little slips become
extremely obvious. For the record, my posts often have slips...

I'm currently playing dumb, assuming that someone posting to a
very-different list really means it when he says, paraphrased, "It's
better to buy X then Y". Of course, he has "better than" in mind, but he's
using the de facto Popular English dialectal spelling.

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