> Still looking for Yi, Cree and/or Inuktitut, and
> Sinhala.

As far as I know, Yi isn't widely used, and certainly
not for writing international words such as 'pizza',
'spaghetti' or even 'America'.

In _the Languages of China_,(Princeton University
Press, 1987) SR Ramsey writes: 'For the Yi, writing is
not a means of communication. It is associated with
divination and magic, and the Yi are content to leave
their sacred books and script in the hands of their
practitioners of religion.
The Yi writing system is a kind of syllabary [...].
Styles, traditions, and the characters themselves vary
greatly from place to place. Beyond these few facts
little is known about the traditional Yi writing
system. No one agrees, for example, on something so
basic as how many symbols there were. [...] In 1975
the PRC government selected out of these many
thousands of symbols 819 graphs and decreed that they
be the standard writing system for the Yi. The
official syllabary of 819 graphs includes 756 symbols
to be used for writing syllables in the Yi language
itself, and 63 additional symbols to be used for
transcribing loans from Chinese. Information on how
widely this standardization is accepted is not readily

Hope this helps.


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