suzmccarth wrote:

> maple, Vancouver, etc. :) In my list of Canadian provinces I noticed
> that Prince in Prince Edward Avenue is spelled 'pirins' and New
> Brunswick is spelled 'niyu biransvik' and British Columbia starts
> with 'birittish'
> I found this observation in a Tamil post.
> >I think Tol is correct in interpreting that there is a near
> >voiceless vowel operates on to some consonant clusters.
> >eg:
> >brook = burook with a near voiceless u
> >break = bireak with a near voiceless i
> Does anyone have any examples from other langauges where consonant
> clusters become separate syllables. These even seem to show vowel
> harmony.

Any language that disallows initial clusters will have a way of dealing
with them; Catalan, for instance, prefixes e- to any English word
starting with sC-.

Tamil disallows inital (high front?) vowels, and Tamil-speakers prefix
y- to any English word starting with e-.
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